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Vision, Value & Aims

Cardinal Winning Secondary is a Roman Catholic co-educational school for pupils with special educational needs. It is situated in the Tollcross area of Glasgow catering for secondary aged pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties who live in the North of the city. There are currently 101 pupils on the school roll.

The school provides the environment and the experiences which promote the spiritual, moral, physical, social and intellectual development of all its pupils.

Vision - what do we want for our school?

  • A place where expectations are high and every child is given the oppertunities to realise their full potential and discover their real self. 
  • A school where children feel nurtured, physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.
  • A place where children are safe, can grow and learn and have fun. A place where they want to be and a place they feel belong.

Values - what principles are important for staff? 

Staff in Cardinal Winning Secondary are expected to:

  • Put the development of young people first.
  • Provide learning experiences which are engaging, enjoyable, motivating and challenging.
  • Act as appropriate role models for students.
  • Display honesty, fairness, compassion and forgiveness in their work with studentsand their colleagues.
  • Promote Gospel values and Christian ethics.
  • Contribute to effective teamwork and positive relationships.
  • Feel that their opinions are valued.
  • Enjoy a safe working enviroment.

 Values - what do we want from our students?

Students and young people should:

  • Foster Christian values for lifelong learning.
  • Feel valued and value others.
  • Feel trusted and be trustworthy.
  • Respect themselves, staff and all in the school community in equal measure.
  • Develop their talents to mthe best of their ability.
  • Enjoy school and live life to the full.

Aims - what can we achieve in Cardinal Winning Secondary?

To help all learners achieve their educational , physical, personal, socail and spiritual potential and become confident individuals.

To provide learning experiences which which are engaging, enjoyable, motivating and challenging and ensure thatb every young person is a successful learner.

To help all young people become responsible citizens and embrace the wider communitywith confidence, self esteem, and self respect.

To equip all pupils for leavingschool by preparingthem for the world of work, leisure and independent living and help them become effective contributors to society.

To help positive destinations for all learners.


Pupils work in small mixed ability classes with a maximum of ten pupils in each class. Great emphasis is placed on individual education plans and personal pupil support allowing pupils the freedom to work at their own pace and ability level.

Through the curriculum priority is given to the acquisition of language, number and social skills. Pupils also undertake course work in Social Studies, Home Economics, Technical, Art Physical Education, Science, Religious Education and Music and drama, within the Curriculum for exelence national framework.