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Computing Department

 Welcome to the Cardinal Winning Computing Department Page   

Our mission statement

As our world becomes more technologically advanced we will teach our young people about all aspects of technology and encourage them to use it responsibly.

Allow our young people to be able to approach their studies at a level suitable to their needs.

Present relevant and current topics in an entertaining and engaging way allowing our young people to reach their potential.

Provide high quality and up-to-date IT equipment in a good state of repair.

Adhere to the seven principals of curriculum for excellence of challenge and enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, personalisation and choice, coherence and relevance.


Our Teachers are:

Mr Marks: Faculty Head, Computing & ICT

Mrs McDougal: Business Studies & ICT


Courses Offered:

S1,2 & 3                Curriculum for Excellence ICT

S4,5 & 6                National 1 to 4/5 Computing Science

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