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Welcome to the Technical Department.

The Faculty Head for Technical is Mr Marks.


Technology – the application of knowledge and skills to extend human capabilities and to help satisfy human needs and wants – has had profound effects on society.

Learning in the technologies enables children and young people to be informed, skilled, thoughtful, adaptable and enterprising citizens, and to:

• develop understanding of the role and impact of technologies in changing and influencing societies

• contribute to building a better world by taking responsible ethical actions to improve their lives, the lives of others and the environment

• gain the skills and confidence to embrace and use technologies now and in the future, at home, at work and in the wider community

• become informed consumers and producers who have an appreciation of the merits and impacts of products and services

• be capable of making reasoned choices relating to the environment, to sustainable development and to ethical, economic and cultural issues

• broaden their understanding of the role that information and communications technology (ICT) has in Scotland and in the global community

• broaden their understanding of the applications and concepts behind technological thinking, including the nature of engineering and the links between the technologies and the sciences

S1 have been learning about the construction of bridges. They have built their own models and tested the weight that they can hold. The record so far is 6kg!

Examples of model bridges built.




The department also offers Forest School sessions once a week to pupils who will achieve a John Muir Award for their contributions to the environment.

  Forest School

We have been going every Tuesday to our Forest School site in Pollok park for 6 months. Our group of pupils have been there in Snow, wind rain and sun. 

This is our story of how we used our Forest School work to gain a John Muir award.

We planted 40 Silver birch trees which are native to Scotland.


When we started cutting down the Rhododendron bushes, there was snow on the ground but we warmed up after we had been working for a while.

We made a shelter from branches and leaves which were on the ground. We also coppiced ash to get a long pole for the shelter. We worked out how to make knots and how to put up a tarpaulin to protect us from the strong Scottish sun.

We got to know the Countryside rangers quite well and they were able to help us decide what to do to look after our Forest School site.

There was a big army of bluebells that was taking over the woods.

 We decided to find out what types of tree we had in our site and these are some of the trees we found.





Silver Birch  

(Latest update December 2013)

John Muir Award. 

Class 3B have completed their Forest School sessions at Pollok Park. They have been able to use a beautiful area of Beech woodland for shelter building, campfires, rope work and learning to manage woodland in an environmentally responsible manner. They have taken part in coppicing Ash which is an ancient way of using timber sustainably and have also removed a large area of invasive Himalayan Balsam which was stifling our native Scottish species.

Himalayan Balsam.

They have now received their John Muir Award at discovery level.



Drawing A

Drawing B

Drawing C

Drawing D

Drawing E

Drawing F