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Art Lessons at Cardinal Winning

S1 pupils learn about visual elements. Line, texture, tone, colour, pattern and shape. Pupils will learn about an artist’s whilst using visual elements such as line for Vincent Van Gogh and create their own line picture using all different art media. Then following on to creating a painting of their choice, example - Starry Starry Night



S2 pupils are learning about culture, Aboriginal Art, Celtic Art, Moroccan Art, Native American design





S3 Pupils have learnt about Charles Rennie McIntosh, as well as working on 2D and 3D work.



 S4 Pupils are creating a bag design for dobbies or c.d. for pop music

 S5/ 6 Pupils are designing a sporran design and making the object






 Here are some examples of Ogilvie class pupils at work.





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