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Parent Council

The Parent Council are looking for new members to join them in August 2018.  They usually meet once a month.  Items of immediate interest to parents are discussed, as well as any upcoming events on the agenda.  The meetings are quite informal and we welcome any interested parent.


One of our functions is to be involved in fundraising activities and we would welcome any ideas for these as well as, very importantly, volunteers to help at the various events which will be posted on this website. Without volunteers it is difficult to make the best of these events so if you are interested in helping or have any matters you would like to bring to our attention then please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We hope to have a dedicated email address but meantime just pass on any messages via the school We have a great school and we hope you will help us to have a great Parent Council.


Dates of future meetings held in Cardinal Winning Secondary at 1.45pm: 





Please click below to see Minutes of Meetings:


Parent Council Meeting - 30th Sept 2018

Parent Council Meeting - 2nd October 2018