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PSHVE Departmental Page.

In PSHVE the aim is to help the pupil become confident in themselves as individuals and responsible citizens who contribute to society in a positive informed and engaged way. Pupils are encouraged to see the role that each person can play in society by exercising their individual rights whilst being aware of the need to participate in as responsible a way as possible to the wider world around them and form relationships with those around them based on respect for the rights of others.

So far this year S1 has worked in partnership with GCC to carry out a litter pick in the area surrounding the school.

S2 have enjoyed a visit from the Road Safety department of the council to support their development as independent travellers.

All pupils will shortly be renewing our annual partnership with Poppy Scotland to help our pupils to grow as successful contributors to the wider community around us.

The third years have worked extensively to understand the possible effects of Vandalism on our neighbours and the financial cost of Vandalism to the city.

S4 have recently taken part in a MacMillan Coffee Morning to showcase their skill as contributors and successful learners