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Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Provision in Cardinal Winning Secondary School.


The ASD provision in Cardinal Winning School has been established in response to a clear need for a specialist provision to meet the needs of children with Autism and associated Additional Support Needs.


Structure of provision


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) requires a Spectrum of provision to meet the wide and diverse needs presented by our ASD pupils. To achieve this, we offer a wide and flexible ASD provision which is pupil centred and tailored to the individual pupil needs.


In Cardinal Winning we have a wide range of pupils who present with different levels of ASD and Additional Support Needs. Some pupils will have ASD needs so acute that they require an intensive teaching experience provided by the specialist Ogilvie classes. Other pupils will function in the mainstream of the school as they have less acute ASD needs. These pupils will be given appropriate help and support by means of the Outreach & Learning Support service offered by Ogilvie staff


Ogilvie Classes




The Ogilvie classes are an enhanced & augmentative provision for pupils with autism. It is designed to support pupils who have ASD needs which are considered too ‘acute’ to be placed directly into the ‘mainstream’ of the school.


Within the Ogilvie classes the emphasis is placed upon development of life skills, personal, academic and emotional growth, focusing on offering broad experiences in an environment that promotes security, routines, clear boundaries and carefully planned, repetitive learning opportunities.


Structure of Ogilvie ASD Provision


The Ogilvie provision is delivered in three classrooms adjacent to each other. We also have a sensory room in close proximity.


Ogilvie 1 Base

This Base is the ‘reception’ class and provides for the needs of pupils who experience the most acute ASD needs. The emphasis in Ogilvie 1 is to ‘lay the foundation’ upon which Ogilvie 2 will build upon. The pupils are provided with a highly structured ASD routines and teaching methods which are based on the most up-to-date ASD strategies and methodologies. A carefully planned integration programme is individually designed as appropriate for each pupil.

Ogilvie 2 Base

Provides for the needs of ASD pupils who require the structure and security of an ASD Base, but who are able to achieve a greater level of integration within the mainstream of the school.


Ogilvie 3 Base


Ogilvie 3 is the ‘Leavers Transition Class’ and the emphasis is preparing the pupils to leave school and be ready to begin and access their post school lives and opportunities.


Mainstream ASD Outreach and Learning Support Provision.

Some of our pupils have ASD needs which do not need the full-time support of an ASD Base. We aim to provide an ASD friendly environment throughout the school, and aim to offer individual support to meet their ASD needs, as required by each individual pupil. Ogilvie staff will provide support by means of: in class support, withdrawal and provision of small group or individual work, teacher support and advice, the making of resources, etc.

Ogilvie classes can also offer a sanctuary for ASD pupils in other classes throughout the school who need some time out if they are very stressed or can’t cope at some time. Ogilvie is not a ‘sin bin’ and it is not a way to exclude pupils from the classroom for being ‘bad’. It is a haven for these pupils where they can explore their relationships and behaviour, without the pressure of the expectations of the classroom.




  • To provide a setting in which the ASD pupils feel at ease.
  • To provide an environment which is predictable and which does not change without prior warning and discussion of consequences (as much as possible within a school). Pupils are absolutely clear as to their routine and expectations. They understand that this is their group to which they belong. This is very important in building pupils self-esteem and their notion of themselves.
  • To balance this by training pupils how to cope to changes to their routines in a controlled way in an appropriate environment.
  • To provide a safe environment in which pupils can explore their own identity and personality.
  • To help pupils to regard themselves and their achievements in a positive way and eventually relate this to others.
  •  To help pupils feel secure and able to initiate activities purposefully.
  • To enable pupils to experience and observe positive relationships between two or more adults and between adults and other children.
  • To help pupils feel fully involved in and part of Cardinal Winning community.
  • To enable pupils to enjoy being at school.

(This list is not exhaustive)

In S5 & 6 our young people are given additional opportunities to develop skills for work by undertaking in-school vocational training and /or additional courses at college in preparation for leaving school. Cardinal Winning School has good partnerships with local colleges, particularly North Glasgow and City of Glasgow College. We work closely with our colleagues in further education as well as organisations such as Skills Development Scotland, Enable, Social Work and psychological services to ensure that students move into positive, sustained destinations following their school experience.