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Skills for Work

Cardinal Winning Secondary’s In-School Pre-Vocational Programme is collaboration between the school, Glasgow’s Supported Vocational Programme and Glasgow FurtherEducationColleges. Lecturers deliver the options in-school to our S4 and S5 Students, with teacher support. Pupils work towards a Youth Achievement Award at Bronze Level.


Education for Work in Cardinal Winning Secondary



Within the Senior Phase Students will have the opportunity to:

·        Experience vocational training from a variety of options.

·        Gain SQA accreditation within skills for work courses.

·        To experience industrial visits linked to their chosen vocational route.

·        Take part in a one week work experience in S4

·        To have access (where appropriate) to a job coach.

·        Attend a chosen option with Glasgow’s Supported Vocational Programme or College Links Course.

·        Leave school equipped with interview skills training and an employability passport

·        Access to an industrial mentor during S6

·        Participate in one day per week work experience placement during S6.


Leave school with an SQA qualification in employability.



Within Broad General Education all pupils will have the opportunity to:

·       Open a Credit Union Account.

·       Participate in at least one enterprise experience.

·       Achieve the John Muir Award.

·       Participate in an Annual Residential Stay.

·       Achieve Travel Independence.


Take part in an environmental project within the community.