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First Year – Mrs McQueen, Mrs Harte and Mrs Bowman

Second Year – Mrs Lindsay, Ms Ferla and Mrs Garreffa

Third Year – Mrs Elliott

Purpose of Learning in Core

In Core we explore the key areas of Maths, English and Religious Education through an engaging, Inter Disciplinary curriculum which involves exciting topic work incorporating all Learning Styles.

We strive to provide learning experiences founded on the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence, which are accessible for all, providing both support and challenge. It is our vision that every child experiences success which in turn will inspire and motivate further learning.

What Students study in Core

In English we concentrate on the development of Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening through individualised, structured programmes. These programmes incorporate a combination of individual and cooperative activities which regularly involve the use of ICT software.

In Maths we encompass a wide variety of mathematical topics whilst continually focussing on basic number skills. Using a well-balanced combination of interactive maths games, active maths challenges, ICT resources and structured Tee Jay written material, pupils work towards a strong grasp of numeracy skills required for learning, life and work.

In Religious Education the strong ethos of our Catholic school encourages our young people to become curious about their faith and provides them with a thirst for knowledge. We encourage this curiosity and explore Religious Education through the arts: Music, Drama and Art. They are enriched by a broad course exploring; Gods love for them; The Faith of the Catholic Church and How they are created in love. We strive to inspire all our young people to Shine the Light of Christ.

In all areas of core our young people work with staff in order to create, review and evaluate short term targets which are monitored and recorded regularly. In this way children regularly achieve feedback and success in their learning. It is this experience of success which in turn fuels their motivation and eagerness to aim high, without limits.

Connections across the curriculum

Core class focusses on 3 key areas yet these areas cannot be taught in isolation. Through a variety of Inter disciplinary topics, children observe English, Maths and RE as vital areas which are not discreet. Children regularly engage in learning experiences out with the classroom in order to develop skills, encouraging lifelong learning.

Departments in Cardinal Winning Secondary encourage learning across the curriculum, sharing topics and themes, planning for exciting and engaging learning experiences which make all areas of the curriculum relevant.

It is our aspiration in core that all young people develop the necessary skills that allow them to participate fully in society. They are further encouraged, supported, challenged and empowered with the necessary skills and qualities to aim high in all that they do as they strive to achieve all their goals in life.