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Business Studies

Welcome to the Business Studies Departmental Page

Faculty Head:  Mr D Marks

Teacher: Mrs M McDougall

The Business Education department at Cardinal Winning provides an opportunity for pupils to develop business administration and ICT knowledge and skills.

From S1 to S3 all pupils follow a standard curriculum in association with the Computing Department, using industry standard ICT business software applications and interactive software to develop knowledge and skills in using computers.

From S4 to S6, pupils will have the option to develop work-related knowledge and skills to support progression to either a college or training course for further study, or to enable them to take up a position in an office as a junior employee.

Pupils could have the options of working towards Curriculum for Excellence national units in the following areas:

  • Information and Coomunication Technology (ICT)
  • Administration and IT, or
  • Business

Pupils will carry out tasks using computer equipment and industry standard business software, learning about the different work undertaken in the administration section of an organisation. These ICT skills are transferable to the home, in further study or employment and in the wider community.

They can also take part in a business enterprise activity, learning about starting up and running a small business, experience the different work areas of a business and develop knowledge and understanding of basic business concepts, customer care and ICT. These learning activities also give learners an insight into possible career opportunities and the skills developed can be transferred to the home, in further study, employment or the wider community.