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Ogilvie 3 Lenten Charity Appeal

 Ogilvie 3 Lenten charity appeal.

The Ogilvie 3 pupils have been working hard in Maths and English recently to raise money for our Lenten charities. We decided to make a game called “how many eggs?”. It would cost 50p per guess and the prize would be ALL the eggs! We wanted to make as much profit as possible for the charities, so we had a strict shopping budget to stick to.

Linda is adding up the cost of the eggs in our basket.

In Maths we have been working with money recently, so we were confident making our purchases at the checkout.

It was a lovely visit to Lidl to buy some of the eggs. We also checked the ASDA and TESCO websites and visited both stores for additional eggs. The kinder eggs were cheaper in TESCO, but the Crème eggs were cheaper in ASDA.

Back at school we began counting our eggs into bowls of twenty. There were a lot of bowls and a huge amount of eggs.

The jar Linda is holding has 181 eggs in it! We knew we were going to need a bigger container.

During English, we began a marketing campaign, making adverts, flyers and leaflets to promote our game. We emailed all the staff and pupils to encourage them to get involved. We also had a stall at the coffee morning and fashion show to try and attract as many customers as possible.

In Maths, we counted up all of our takings and we were delighted to find out that we had raised an amazing £101! Next we opened up the sealed envelope with the number of eggs and checked to see who had won. 

The correct total was 893 and Marcia had guessed closest with 892! She was delighted with her box stuffed full of hundreds of eggs.