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Edinburgh Trip

On Friday 7th February our senior school students (S4 -S6) enjoyed a trip to our capital city Edinburgh. Following a ‘scary’ morning visit to the Edinburgh Dungeon, our pupils and teachers then took a stroll down the Royal Mile to The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

In the forthcoming Referendum on Scottish Independence, 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote for the first time and so many of our students will be able to participate on the 18th September. For these young people the visit proved both educational and informative.

After passing through airport style security, the Cardinal Winning groups were able to access all public areas of the building. We saw an exhibition on the history and role of Parliament, but the most exciting part was going into the public gallery of the Chamber where the daily business of governing Scotland takes place.

Our students were able to see where the MSP’s from each of the political parties sit and saw the Royal Mace, which represents the Queen, before the Presiding Officer’s chair. They learned that the Mace is inscribed with the words Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity and that they form the basis of the four capacities of A Curriculum For Excellence.

Our pupils learned that they will have a say on how Scotland is governed, that we have a ‘Peoples’ Parliament’ and that they can make a difference by participating in the democratic process. Our young people asked many important and relevant questions and were left to think about the old expression that, “If you don’t vote – you get the government you deserve!”