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John Muir Award

Well done to 2B for completing their Forest education with Mr Atkinson and gaining their John Muir Award at Discovery level.

The John Muir Award is an environmental award that encourages people of all backgrounds to connect, enjoy and care for wild places.

Four Challenges are at the heart of each John Muir Award, to achieve an Award each participant must:

·         Discover a wild place

·         Explore its wildness

·         Conserve - take personal responsibility

·         Share experiences

There are 3 levels of the Award. The same 4 challenges above are repeated for each level, with increased involvement in time, activity and ownership.


·         Discovery Award (introductory level) minimum 4 days (or equivalent)

·         Explorer Award (intermediate level) minimum 8 days (or equivalent)

·         Conserver Award (advanced level) minimum 20 days (or equivalent) over 6 months