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 Cardinal Winning Secondary is a community of faith and learning whose educational vision is based upon the teachings and values of the Catholic Church.


The RE department plays a pivotal role in sustaining the distinctive Catholic ethos and is privileged to accompany and support young people as they continue their faith journey.




The central purpose of RE in Cardinal Winning is to assist learners to make an informed, mature response to God’s call to relationship.


RE aims to:

  • Assist young people to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith.
  • Increase young people’s awareness and understanding of other Christian traditions, as well as  Other World Religions, in particular Judaism and Islam.
  • Help young people to make good moral choices based on an informed conscience.
  • Exemplify and foster the Gospel values on which Cardinal Winning Secondary  is founded.


This Is Our Faith


S1-S3 will follow courses informed by a new document called This Is Our Faith which provides detailed guidance on the RE curriculum for Catholic schools in Scotland. The following are the eight Strands of Faith which form  the framework of experiences and outcomes in RE . These  are intended to provide an accurate outline of the main teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith:


· In the Image of God

· Revealed Truth of God

· Son of God

· Signs of God

· Word of God

· Hours of God

· Reign of God



Called to Love offers a coherent programme of relationships and moral education. All year groups follow their own particular unit in the programme:



 S1 – Created in Love

S2 – Growing in Love

S3 – Living in Love

S4 – Committed in Love


S5 – Faithful in Love


S6 – Responsible in Love


In addition to the above, pupils will be following the Catholic Church’s Liturgical year by learning about Advent to prepare for Christmas, learning about Lent to prepare for Easter and learning about the different feast days in the Church through hearing about the lives of the Saints.

Pupils will also take part in class prayer through Praise, Meditation, Petition and Thanksgiving.

Study of the Bible will involve hearing God speak through the Parables and there will be opportunity to participate in whole school and year group Masses with time set aside throughout the year for Retreats at Conforti Religious Centre. 





Aims of RE